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About Me And My Art
The Artist K

My art is a medium I use to express my thoughts, emotions and desires in my unique style developed, evolved and refined since 2005.

In order to successfully transmit my feelings onto the canvas, I never paint anything that has not truly touched me. I pour my heart and soul into each piece in an attempt to evoke the corresponding reaction from the viewer. If I feel I have unsuccessfully portrayed my intent or have not done the subject justice, I will throw it away and start over.

Each colour chosen has a purpose and each curve intended to lead you to explore the painting in the way I would. This is in an attempt to take you on the journey with me as if we are experiencing the piece together - holding hands and getting lost together -  or as close to it as possible.

My unique style lends itself to the way I see the world influenced by biology. The universe is all made of indistinguishable fragments of things that somehow still manage to compose a legible final depiction.

I have been asked several times if they were digitally produced when people have seen the pictures of the paintings. I have to reassure them that they are done by hand which is evident once you step closer.

Each curve and gradient represents and satisfies the part of me that is a stickler for accuracy and slight OCD while trying to break free of it by the not so perfect lines and the abstract construct of the subject matter.​ 


The combination of all these parts inevitably means that each painting I create is extremely personal and has in its bones a part of me. ​

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