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'Distorted Self-Portrait'

Acrylic on canvas
900mm w x 1200mm h

I was sitting with a friend and they were airing out their insecurities. I couldn't see what they were talking about when they started talking about their physical attributes. In an attempt to comfort them, I pointed out that I did not see what they did and they were worrying for no reason. 

This conversation inspired me to depict how we create self hate by exaggerating what we see as something that could be a flaw. 

In this self portrait I have attempted to convey the annoyance with one's self in the face. It just makes one go back to it over and over again because one just sees something is not right. 

We should never compare ourselves with others instilling self loathing and disgust. Fueling the unfounded bias toward ourselves and creating poison for no good reason. We are all good enough and we are all amazing people.

If interested in this piece please don't hesitate to contact me.

Framed Limited Edition prints of the original is available in the Framed Limited Editions Shop page. 

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