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Acrylic on canvas
500mm w x 700mm h - Each

In daily life, we all have our little habits. They can become so second nature that we barely even recognise them anymore.

One of mine is that when someone speaks, I focus on the movement of their mouth and when I speak I am focused on their eyes to try and read their interest in the conversation. Seems like I take "look into my eyes" and "read my lips" very literally

This little pattern in my behaviour probably developed from my fascination with eyes and lips… or have I become fascinated by eyes and lips because of my behaviour? It feels like a catch 22 situation.

Anyway, I digress a little.

I was watching old and new sci-fi movies this year to a point where I was dreaming about them. So one day I woke up and thought: “I need to get these sci-fi visuals out of my head! The style of the sci-fi aesthetic will perfectly portray my obsessive nuances.” Thus this collection was born.

If interested in these pieces please don't hesitate to contact me.

Framed Limited Edition prints of the originals are available in the Framed Limited Editions Shop page. 

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