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'Tip Your Hat'

Currently on display at the BickertonGrace Gallery

Acrylic on canvas
900mm w x 1200mm h

This painting is the closest proof I ever felt that love at first sight existed.  

Her irrefutable beauty that instilled me with carnal yearning was not the only reason I was attracted to this subject. Her expression and entire demeanour bewildered and intrigued me. This fact, in and of itself, made her one of the most desirable subjects I had ever seen.

Her captivation was unwavering. I stared at her for hours trying to decipher her expression. The lack of just a single dimension to her message fascinated me so much that the more I looked at her, the more I fell in love with her.

7 years passed from the day I decided I was going to paint her to the day I actually did. 

Every stroke of the brush in every section was placed with care while she looked over me and my work. From her smooth skin to her fiercely piercing blue eye to her passionately parted red lips all the way up to her stylishly tipped hat, I was determined to do her justice while trying to ensure whoever sees her might feel the desire, love and the level of the 
intrigue I did. 

If interested in this piece please don't hesitate to contact me.

Framed Limited Edition prints of the original is available in the Framed Limited Editions Shop page. 

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