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'Two Sides'

Acrylic on canvas
500mm w x 1200mm h - Each

I was always told when someone upset me to see things from their eyes. As a result, the thought that 
there are two sides to a story has stuck with me.

I stumbled upon a photograph of a lady with her back to the camera. It almost felt like she was hiding. 
I tried placing myself in the room and created scenarios. At this point my lesson came to mind. 
No matter what I think is going on, she could have a different narrative. So I created her counterpart or the
other side of the story.

Two sides, in addition to wanting one to be proud of their sensuality and desires, is meant to combat 
judgement towards others by trying to see their perspective.

If interested in these pieces please don't hesitate to contact me.

Framed Limited Edition prints of the originals are available in the Framed Limited Editions Shop page. 

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